Welcome! You are able to request your academic records through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Please click this link to be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse.  

You can contact [email protected] with any questions. 

Please note: We recommend an electronic transcript as the turnaround is less than 36 hours as opposed to 3-5+ weeks depending on the pace of the USPS for a paper transcript.

The fine print:

  • If you have a hold on your account, your order will be canceled and you will be advised to place another request after resolving your financial obligation.
  • The information you enter for your student ID or SSN, and DOB must match our system for the order to process.
    • Note: If you attended prior to 1993, you will likely receive a ‘no record found’ message. Don’t worry, we’ll see this and work to take care of it. We will reach out to you, if needed.